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A short video from I made from an Animal Rights demo Thursday 22nd July.

From Free The MBR Beagles facebook page :

  • Information about the current program of demonstrations at the MBR Acres Puppy Farm at Huntingdon: 1) The conditions inside the facility are not the subject of protest. It is fact that the puppies here are bred indoors, never see daylight, and then at 16weeks are shipped off in vans to be used in toxicology (poisoning) tests in labs where they will die. 2) We maintain that the people that work here cannot care for animals, otherwise they would not work at a facility dedicated to factory farming dogs to be killed in labs. 3) The dogs produced here do not "benefit medical science", they are used for toxicology tests. ie: how much of a certain chemical is required before the dog dies. Research to find new cures and medicines can be and is carried out using modern computer research, these dogs lives are wasted needlessly. 4) Any claims from MBR that the camp produces noise which distresses the dogs borders on the ludicrous. This dog farm contains 2000 animals all of which are yelping, barking and howling constantly. The camp can barely be heard over the noise of the anguished dogs.

Music from Glitchers - Relovelution (demo) Also band in video. glitchers.bandcamp.com

Investigation footage from Free the MBR Beagles and Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation from Intercept.

Please do what you can and support the wonderful activist who have been camping here to get these beagles liberated once and for all!