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Escape – Short Film

A short story of a man and a woman meeting in a bar. The woman, recently divorced, has her guard down and the handsome, lonely man makes his move. They hit if off but the night doesn’t end the way the woman intended and she becomes his toy a bit more than she imagined. A real play on the dangers of a one night stand.

Escape was Melanie’s second short film and ambitiously set in the desert of Nevada, USA.

The film was based on a short story written by friend Ian Easton and then adapted to suit the location of Gold Point Ghost Town.

With only a week to prep in the USA and a small crew, Melanie and her team set out to shoot on the run.

-British Shorts 2014 ( Germany )
-Fantafestival 2014 ( Italy )
-Jennifer’s Bodies 2014 ( Scotland )
-Shawna Shea Indie Film Festival 2013 ( USA )

Continuum Pictures. ( USA)

Writer / Director / Producer
Summer 2012
Short Horror Film