What Animal Are You Eating For Christmas Dec 2022

What Animal Are You Eating This Christmas Dec 2022

Lady Krampus Dec 2021

Lady Krampus
Dec 2021

Anti Xmas Self-Portraits.

Melanie isn’t very interested in the holidays and has started to work with friend and photographer Joshua Gaunt in creating some characters to share her distain for it.

Influenced by artist’s Cindy Sherman and Marissa Carnesky. Melanie mixes, satire, humour and horror for this series of work.

Dec 2022 – What animal are you eating this Christmas?

‘ I thought I’d push the boat out this year and went to a small local red tractor organic farm that only hand-reared some of the most tender pink little humans. I got to see this one after it had just been born and taken away from its screaming Mother. The Farmer assured me that it was humanly killed which is always good to know as I wouldn’t want that guilt riding on me in the kitchen as I covered it in oil and rosemary, I managed to stuff a bit of apple sauce and home-made stuffing up its arse so I can’t wait to get that out when we tuck into it for Christmas. It really makes the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner table having a tender cooked baby animal. Well chuffed, what an end to the year, I really hope we got enough for cold meat sandwiches for Boxing Day tomorrow '.

Dec 2021 – Lady Krampus – ' I may be more Lady Krampus, believed to be out punishing bad men instead of the bad children. How adapt. For we need to be Slaying, Smashing and Hexing the Patriarchy and paying back all those misogynistic fools. Don’t be fooled by capitalism this Christmas make yourself useful and slay!'.

Photography Self-Portraits.