Emily Booth – Actress / Horror Channel presenter- January

Pollyanna McIntosh – Actress – February

Nia Edwards Behi – Abertoir horror film festival director – March

Melanie Light – Director / Art Director – April

Not so Lovely Girls – Film Makers- May

Frankie Lynn – Performer / Shoe Maker / Shop owner – June

Tessa Farmer – Fine Artist – July

Grog – Musician – August

Marisa Carnesky – Creative Director/ Performance Artist – September

Prano Baily Bond – Film Director / Editor – October

Urie Yurie – Toy Maker / Graphic Designer – November

Barbie Wilde – Writer / Actress – December

Women in Horror Charity Calendar

An idea inspired by ‘Women in Horror Month’.

Having seen film festivals, cookbooks and various other events and print related to WIHM, Melanie decided to compile her own inspired print. She made a point of seeking out women from the UK that were not just actresses and film makers but also artists, performers, musicians and writers.

It is important to show what wonderful skills and imagination women have to contribute to the world of horror, a very male dominated scene. It is also great to be organized!

All photographs are ideas created from each individual and the talented photographer Tina K who is known for her work for Total Tattoo and Metal Hammer. It was important for Melanie to create a vibe which reflected her own style.

Shot at the Murder Mile Studios, London.

Donations to Rape Crisis UK and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Make – Up by Fran Hounsom and Emma Slater.

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